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Frequently Asked Question

Is it essential to have cosmetic surgery in all probability, I will say Yes, Because it alters your body part, Which is functionaly normal, but appeared ugly, Which can be changed and there by keep you happy. It gives a sense of well being and you will feel better, by having looking beautiful.

In present society. Beauty is two types

  1. Inner beauty (mind, body & soul)
  2. Outer beauty (Appearance) 

But 90% people, if you ask them they will definitely opt. for outer beauty, even they agree for inner one.

Is Cosmetic Surgery is only surgical manuever or medicine used in it.

Yes in 85% cases its surgical.

Is it Major / Minor Surgical

Now a days surgery perse, there is no minor or major, Unless its a real life threatening situation. But in cosmetic surgery few procedure can be done. under local anaesthesia and no hospitalisation & few procedures which need few days hospitalisation and performed under general anaesthesia.

What's the complication of breast augmentation

No Complication at all vis-s-vis, Breast feeding & post operative complication is concerned.

Is there any alergy reaction.

No there is no alergy reaction at all to silicone Breast implant.

Does implant need replacement.

At least not before 15-20 years unless there is capsule formation.

It is a expensive procedure.

Not at all in orissa its not a costly procedure, within everybody's reach.

What's complication of liposuction.

No complication if it's done within limit.

In one go how much fat can reduce.

15-20% of body weight in one stage, better patient compliance.

Is it a short cut procedure for treatment of morbid obesity.


What's the hospitalisation period & post operation complication.

Only for 3-4 days & complication almost nil.