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Breast Reshaping - Boob Augmentation

Breast Reshaping By OCSC

Breast lift procedure : Breast Augmentation – Breast Reshaping - Breast Contouring

The appropriate technique for Breast surgery is determined based on –Size of Breast, Shape of Breast, Position of areolas, Degree of breast sagging, Elasticity of the Breast.


Common reasons women choose breast lift surgery:

Women's breasts often change over time, losing  the firmness due to – Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, Aging, Heredity etc.


How to Tell if You Need a Breast Lift

When nipples point downward.

When nipple/areola sit below the crease underneath my breast.

When you are not happy with my breast size.

When breasts are abnormally shaped



Choose a Qualified Cosmetic Surgeon for Your Breast Lift



A quick and easy solution can be found in your kitchen or your nearest grocery store — lemon juice. Lemons have vitamin C that can lighten dark spots on your face. It’s easy to apply.

Put some fresh lemon juice on a cotton ball and rub it directly on the affected skin area.Allow it to dry and then wash it off with plain water.Continue applying this dark spot removal home remedy for at least two weeks to get the desired result.If you have delicate or sensitive skin, you can dilute the lemon juice with plain water, rosewater, or honey. You can also use lime juice to get rid of black spots, applying it in the same manner as described above.